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Turn your unutilized resources into money-making machines.



Reclaim your resources in as little as 15 minutes.



Overlaycloud integrates with your existing isolation mechanisms.



Expand your customer base into a global market.

What is Overlaycloud

What is Overlaycloud?

On Demand Cloud Computing

Overlaycloud is a new type of cloud provider. We have no servers of our own and instead rely on our partnership network to allocate unused resources for our customers.

How it Works

This is where you come into play. Once partners provide access to unused resources we immediately add them to the Overlaycloud availibility pool.

Why Overlaycloud

Why Overlaycloud?

Reward Without The Risk

Overlaycloud only uses your unneeded resources. With a simple API call you can immediately regain your capacity.

Low Touch

We handle all the heavy lifting customer support, billing, and monitoring at no cost to you. You only need to provide the servers.

Who is Overlaycloud

Who is Overlaycloud?

Cloud Experts

Overlaycloud is a project of Containership. We are experts in the cloud and container space and have always been on the ground floor of new and disruptive technology.

Partner Network

Overlaycloud is made up of partners from around the world. We would love for you to be our next Overlaycloud provider.

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